Head Stand Human Skittles

Head Stand Human Skittles is a human skittles variation requiring only some footballs and a modest degree of gymnastic ability to play. HSHS, as it shall be abbreviated, is best played on a beach. The skittles are formed by (ideally) nine players performing headstands on the sand. They should do these close enough together so that if one falls over he has a good chance of knocking over a neighbour or two and ideally they should form the familiar skittles diamond formation. Also the players should perform their headstands so that their backs are facing the two ball players. These two players take it in turns to kick three soft footballs each into the group of skittles. Whoever knocks over the most skittles wins.

I am indebted to Mr Jolley (Strange Games South of England Correspondent) for the description of this wonderful and stupid game.

weird web: London Skittles Club - rules, history, interactive
strange games no:69...category:outdoor games

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