Door Jamb Climbing/Door Jamb Wars

The marvellous childhood past time of Door Jamb Climbing is even more fun, although much more difficult, to do when played as an adult. Simply take off your shoes and socks and use your feet and hands to climb as high up the inside of a door frame as possible. Either fastest person up, or the one who can stay at the top the longest wins. One of the few games where having sweaty feet is a distinct advantage. And if simple door climbing whets your appetite for more house based strange activities then you should head over to the amazing House Gymnastics site...see if you can accomplish a XXX!

Once you and a partner have mastered the Door Jamb Climb then you could attempt Door Jamb Wars (another superb game sent in by Daryl Hrdlicka- inventor of Hat Ball). For this you need to two door frames relatively close and facing one another. Players climb the frame with their pockets full of power-balls or some other suitable projectiles. Once in place they attempt to remove the balls from their pocket and throw it at their opponent - the aim being to upset the other person's wedged position and cause them to slip, before they themselves fall.