Hockern - revisited

Is it a sport, art or maybe dance? No, it's Hockern!

An email from Stephan Landshutz at SportHocker reminds me of the truly inspred sport of Hockern. So it is with no apologies that I repost a previous post on this sport. Check out the SportHocker website here for some amazing Hockern pictures. 
Germany's contribution to the world of odd games and sports is truly bizarre. Hockern (German for 'stools') is a little like competitive break dancing...only, break dancing using a milking stool. Competitors stand in front of the Hockern judges and show off their best stool movements (sorry). These will include spinning the stool on the floor, balancing upon it (on knee, stomach or even head), and tossing it into the air and speed sitting on it wherever it lands. One of the favourite moves is a high speed throw over the the shoulders, back through between the legs and squat down onto it.
Another cool trick is to have a friend slide the stool along the floor towards you for you to sit down hard upon it as it reaches you. And it's not just a solo sport. There are synchronised group events too that have to be seen to be believed. The superstars of this new sport are known as Hockstars and regular competitions are held in the nightclubs of Germany including the prestigious Hocktoberfest.
Now is the time to grab your stool and live the dream because Hockern will surely be a demonstration sport, probably sponsored by Ikea, in the next Olympic Games.