Chinese Boxing

We always used to play this game to warm up after a swim in the sea. Chinese Boxing is simple, stupid and strange - a perfect combination.
Simply face your opponent, grab each other's right hands leaving your left hand free. With this free hand stupidly try to tap your opponent on top of his head before he taps you on yours with his free hand. Strangely...first to three points/taps wins.

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Guide Dog Musical Chairs

The previous post reminded me of this party game which I haven't seen played for many, many years. Maybe it's been caught by the Politically Correct Police and as I type is being held in dank, windowless cell on meagre rations and regular beatings...
Guide Dog Musical Chairs is the perfect party game requiring only chairs, blindfolds and the ability to bark.
Pair up everyone into blindmen (wearing blindfolds, obviously) and guide dogs. Randomly arrange some chairs around the room (one fewer than the number of couples). Start the music. When the music stops the guide dogs should guide their owner to an empty chair, get him to sit in it then sit on his lap. One couple is eliminated each time.

The blindman must not hold the guide dog's hand but must try and maintain contact by using a hooked finger through a shirt collar or belt loop. If contact is lost the dog must use it's bark to attract the owner - no words can be spoken.

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Sheep Dog Trials

I first played this delightful game, when I was a callow youth, at one of Maurice Tweddle's Summer garden parties. Sheep Dog Trials is the perfect garden game at which to practice your whistling skills to say nothing of your Welsh hill farmer impersonation skills.
Pair up players: one 'farmer' and one 'sheepdog'. The 'farmers' send the 'sheepdogs' away (another room / indoors/ etc.. where they are blindfolded) and go about setting up the course. This can contain gates (two jumpers on the ground), an agility part(bamboo canes pushed into the ground), bridges (planks of wood), etc.. Just use your imagination.

The dogs are returned (blindfolded) to their farmers. Each dog must now be guided through the pre-determined course by his farmer's shouts and whistles as quickly and accurately as possible.

For greater verisimilitude the dogs should be given names and made to complete the course on all fours.
For greater fun have more than one dog on the course at the same time.

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Fatty Arbuckle Tag

You have a good knowledge of silent movie stars, you are hale and hearty and you are having a party.....Fatty Arbuckle Tig is the game for you.One person is declared to be 'it' and this person tries to tig someone in the usual fashion. However, if 'it' is approaching you and you can't escape then you can become immune from being tigged by sitting down and promptly shouting out the name of a silent movie actor/actress (Theda Bara, Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Lon Chaney, Dolly Brereton, etc) There must not be more than one of each star sitting down at any one time. To get back into the game another player must touch you on the head and shout Fatty Arbuckle.If every player is sitting down then 'it' has won and must choose someone else to be 'it' . If he tigs someone then that person becomes 'it'.

Weird Web:Arbucklemania - fatty arbuckle fansite - immense
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Battle Lautrec

Imagine, if you will, a rainy afternoon and there is no form of electronic entertainment available, you have read all your Biggles books at least twice, Nanny is being uncooperative and you are in a doltish mood; what do you do? I and my dear, lamented brother Eustace invented Battle Lautrec.
A bizarre, imbecilic game for two people, Battle Lautrec is guaranteed to banish boredom and raise at the very least a smile.
To play you must first master the Lautrec balance. To do this you kneel on the floor then reach behind your knees grabbing an ankle in each hand and lift up your lower legs. With practice you should now be able to balance and move around (albeit quite slowly) on your knees. You must maintain a hold of your ankles at all times.
Now the battle...face your opponent, go into a Lautrec balance and try to make him lose his balance and fall. You may use any means left open to you - body weight, pushing with your head, shoulders..etc. First person to release hold of his ankles or fall flat on his face is the loser.
For even more fun start the battle at opposite ends of the drawing room - then you have to knee-walk a reasonable distance before battle commences

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Drawing Room Acrobatics #2 - Furthest From the Wall

Another great Drawing Room game for players of equal height.
Taking turns each player must stand some distance from a wall and then lean forward towards it and support themselves (to avoid crashing into the wall) with one arm only. Their feet must remain together and in a fixed position. To complete their turn they must return to an upright position by pushing hard off the wall. No step backs are allowed - the feet remaining in a fixed position throughout.
Players take turns and the one who successfully completes the manoeuvre with his feet the furthest distance from the wall is the winner.

Weird Web:House gymnastics - from banister balances to carpet crabs
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