Strange Games with Fire #2: Knee Balance Burn

You can't beat a party game with a lit candle for the wonderful feeling that you may be sued at any moment by a litigious parent. And all because little Tommy suffered minor burns. Strange Games with fire number 1: Snapdragons reminds me of the wonderfully strange game: Knee Balance Burn.
For two players at a time. Each faces the other, then both players go into a single knee balance. (Balancing on one knee is a great skill to learn that is bound to come in useful in later life) One player holds a lighted candle, the other holds an unlighted one. Their aim is to touch candles and get the unlighted candle burning before their raised knees touch the floor. If they fail then it is someone else's turn. The team that performs the task fastest without burns wins.

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The Clapping Game

If you want to play a game that needs a combination of balance, timing and power and one that corresponds to Newton's third law then the Clapping Game is the one for you.

For two players. Stand facing each other as close as possible, toes touching, so you are almost but not quite falling backwards. Then on a count of three each player raises both hands and tries to push his opponent backwards by pushing against his hands only. If both players remain in position then continue until a winner is found.

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Brat Sack

There are many Victorian parlour games based around guessing the identity of a hidden person. Various means from examining ankles to listening to them impersonate animals are used, however Brat Sack brings a more dynamic edge to these games.
Players are paired up. One set leave the room whilst the remaining players are given a large hessian sack to climb into, the top of which can be loosely tied and then the sacks/players are distributed evenly about the room. The other players are then introduced back into the room and the race is on to find their partners and release them from their sack.
Variations include blindfolding all the seeking players and allowing the 'sacked' players to shout out pre-selected words to help them ( a la Kittiwake)

strange games no:99

Human Fly

In January it was reported that there is a trend towards increasingly lavish children's parties - we are talking stretch limos, hiring of pop musical beat combos, nintendo DSs in the party bags and more, all to make it an unforgettable experience. The sad fact is that all you need to spend is a few pounds on some rolls of gaffer/masking tape - then you can play Human Fly.
Split the players into groups of 4 or 5. Give each group a high stool and some wall space. The teams select one of their number (usually the lightest) to sit on the stool with his back against the wall. They then proceed to tape him as firmly as possible to the wall using the gaffer tape supplied. The tape must be placed over this player's middle and outstretched arms - not over any bare skin areas. After a set time taping is stopped and the highlight of the game occurs- the stools are removed leaving the players fixed to the wall. Last player to peel off is the winner.

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Get Away!

My previous post on Big Brother reminds me of a game from my youth that we called Get Away!... a game that contains an almost perfect balance of tension, exercise and violence

All players stand in a large circle, facing inwards, with hands held behind backs and eyes tightly closed. A game organiser walks around the outside of this circle holding a rolled up newspaper - or some other suitable beating device. At random the organiser places the rolled up newspaper into the hands of a player. This player can now open his eyes and hit the player on his right (usually around his buttocks) The hit player must now run away anti-clockwise around the circle with the first player chasing him and trying to land more blows. The play stops when the running player returns to his place. Eyes are shut again and the play continues.

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