Strange Games reader Lemoncat sent in this childhood game, a variation on hide and seek and various defending the base type games.
"Three wooden clothes pegs leaning against the bottom of a wall two either side and one resting on top. Two teams are formed, however many kids are up for it. The first team take it in turns to lob a tennis ball and smash the sticks far and wide, once this is achieved everybody legs it and hides. The other team have to search them out whilst at the same time try to guard against the sticks being replaced neatly against the wall again. If they are this means a win and the other team don't get a turn at hiding and attacking... and so on.
OK, maybe not as glamorous as a face jumping contest at the Fool & Bladder but we used to have great fun as kids playing it."

Lemoncat writes a sharity music blog called Grooves of Delight, specialising in dusting down and making available again great, mainly instrumental, LPs from the past. If you are looking for 60's kids TV themes played by the Norrie Paramour Orchestra with the cover art of a nubile semi clad woman on a motorbike, then this just might be the place for you

The Krispy Kreme Challenge

As we are on a strange-food-related games then...
If you are trying to lose some weight then moderate exercise is a great way to shed a few excess pounds but you should try and avoid the Krispy Kreme Challenge . The perfect sporting event for all budding Homer Simpsons is held annually in Raleigh, North Carolina and was started in 2004 by the state's university students.
Around 3000 competitors run two miles downhill to the nearest Krispy Kreme bakery where they have to eat a dozen doughnuts each then run the two miles back to the starting line, all within the space of an hour and while keeping the doughnuts down. The record time is around the 37 minute mark. A set of vomit bins greet struggling competitors making it to the finishing line.
The average person burns 600 calories on a four mile jog. Unfortunately a dozen doughnuts contain 2,400 calories and over twice the daily recommended allowance of sugar.
web: The Krispy Kreme Challenge
Strange Games is indebted to Lexiepants for bringing this game to our attention

Wagon Wheel Rolling Championship...even more biscuit fun

Continuing the theme of unusual games involving biscuits there is news of an exciting event in May. The world's first Wagon Wheel Rolling Championships to be held in the Black Horse pub near Slough.
Slough is the birthplace of the famously large, chocolate covered marshmallow biscuit and this event will celebrate its 60th birthday. The competition itself is a bit like a biscuit bagatelle...each competitor has five rolls of their biscuit on a specially constructed course which has five separate scoring areas marked out (two 20's, two 40s and one 60 point area). If the biscuit finishes in a scoring zone then that score is added to the contestants total. The day is afforded even more prestige by having as its compere Keith Chegwin.

you tube video of Keith Chegwin demonstrating his biscuit rolling technique

Biscuit Throwing~more biscuit fun

Staying with the theme of fun with biscuits we have Biscuit Throwing
The one biscuit you should never pick if you enter a dunking competition, the humble Rich Tea, is the very one chosen for its aerodynamic properties in Biscuit Throwing. The World Biscuit Throwing Championships, an irregularly held charity event, were first held at the 2002 Glendale Show, Northumberland. Contestants have three attempts to propel a rich tea the furthest distance (the winning distance was 80m) in the hope of securing the trophy... a varnished Rich Tea.
You can't help but feel the organisers have missed a trick here. If they included the Chocolate Eclair Javelin and Chelsea Bun Shot Put they would have the full complement of field throwing events.

Strange Games with Biscuits: Malteser Blow Football & Competitive Biscuit Dunking

Inspired by the advertisement for the delicious ball shaped chocolates Malteser Blow Football is a great game for football fixated chocoholics everywhere. Make two teams containing two players. One player from each team forms a goal by kneeling down on opposite sides of a small table so that their bottom lips are at table level, they now open their mouths as wide as possible. Their team mates stand on the other side and compete, using straws, to blow a Malteser into the goal. Once a goal is scored a new ball will be required. Continue until full
Amongst biscuit connoisseurs there is often much debate about whether a biscuit should be dunked in a cup of tea and if it should which varieties are able to withstand the process best without disintegrating. There is no authoritative biscuit dunking body but to hold your own competition, each player picks their biscuit of choice and stands by a steaming hot cup of tea. All players now simultaneously repeatedly dunk making sure at least half of the biscuit is submerged each time. Last biscuit to show any damage wins.
The radio station XFM held a World Championship Biscuit Dunking Competition in September 2007 over a 3 week period. The biscuits making the final were the Digestive Caramel, Fig Roll, Caramel Wafer and the eventual winner, the hard case amongst biscuits, The Pink Wafer.