My Mother Says...Slapsies variation

An interesting Slapsies variation is the My Mother Says version. For two players, each places their hands alternatively on top of one another's on a firm surface such as a table, as if they were playing the game My Mother Says That You Are This High. Now, with their hands in position, the player whose hand is at the bottom must withdraw it as swiftly as possible and attempt a hard slap on the topmost hand. Obviously the player whose hand is exposed must try to withdraw it, avoiding the slap and hopefully causing the player in motion to slap their own hand with force. As in the more 'normal' game you may not move your hand out of the way before a strike is attempted otherwise a free slap is awarded. Play now alternates with the hand at the bottom of the pile having the next go. The faster the game is played the more confusing, and often, painful it becomes.

Strange Games is indebted to Sian McDonald for describing this game. If you know of any unusual games please send them in