Beer Pong - New UK tournament.

Strange Games has been contacted by Ben Newham, a leading pisshead light in the UK Beer Pong scene.  He is staging a major UK Beer Pong event next Saturday the 5th of February in Cheltenham. Up to 32 teams are playing for prizes totalling £500.  Just think of how much cheap cider you could buy with that. So I thought it was about time I featured this marvelous sport. 

Beer Pong is possibly the King of Drinking Games.  It is a pastime that started out as a basic fraternity house drinking game in the 80's that has now become a game played world wide with a set rules and a world championship with prize money of $50,000: the aptly named The World Series Of Beer Pong.
Early versions of the game were basically normal table tennis games with a pint pot  of beer at each end of the table.  If your glass was struck by the ball then you had to take a sip of beer, if the ball landed inside it then you had to drink the whole pint. The modern game differs in that the table tennis bats have been dispensed with and the solitary glass has been replaced by multiple one.  There are numerous versions of the game but the standardised rules state that teams are made up of two players each and they both stand at the ends of a 8ft by 2ft Beer Pong table.  In front of each team is a set of 10 beer filled paper cups (use water if you are on the Beer Pong wagon) set up in a triangular formation.  Each team now alternates with two shots each the aim being to throw a ping pong ball into one of the opposing cups.  If successful then one of the opposing team must drink the contents and remove the cup from the table.  Throws can be either under-arm or over-arm through the air or they can involve a single bounce.  The first team to cause their opponents to drink all their beer are the victors.
Beer Pong has been almost universally criticised and declaimed by politicians, health professionals and newspaper columnists and everyone else that hates to see anyone enjoy themselves, ever.

visit the website uk beer pong league for more details and a full set of rules

Mini Golf 2011 events & Midget Golf

The British Mini Golf Association 2011 event list is finalised with diminutive golfing events around the country in such hotspots of glamour as Margate, Hastings and Weymouth,  with the World Championships held in August in Stockholm.  Read the full schedule here  at and don't forget to visit the best mini golf blog the Ham and Egger Files for up to mini golf news and the Crazy World Tour.

Although we love Mini Golf here at Strange Games towers we think that a preferable game may be Midget Golf.  Simply kneel down, putting some shoes under your knees for added effect, then try and hit a golf ball with a standard length club. If played on a normal length course games could take some considerable time.  Also as the video below shows it isn't that easy to even strike the ball.

Groin Ball

Groin Ball is a much more sophisticated testicular game than Roshambo (the brutal ball kicking game where players face each other and take turns to make unguarded kicks into the other's groin until one player gives up.  Games are usually extremely short lived.)
This classic Japanese version of Groin Ball is played between two teams of two players. Each team consists of a ball thrower and a target player.  The two opposing target players face each other and with their hands they hold one another's shoulders.  They also need to keep their feet about shoulder width apart and they need to maintain this stance throughout the game.
The throwing players  have a ready supply of tennis balls.  They then have to fire these through the open legs of their partner, bouncing onto the ground with the hope of bouncing up and  smashing into the groin of the opposing target player. Target players can move around and push each other in order to move them into a vulnerable position but they must maintain the hand shoulder contact.  Similarly the ball throwers can move anywhere so as to get a clean aim and as soon as their ball supply has gone they can pick up ones on the floor and keep up their frenetic throwing pace. 
What makes the game especially thrilling is that the target players have to keep their feet well apart so that their partner can fire ball through the gap while they may desperately want to close them after receiving the odd strike or two.
The team with the first target player to cry loses.

If you are interested in more ball and groin based fun try Duncan Flann's Groin Ball or Crotch Ball