Bucket Ball

Bucket Ball has a similar feel to Hanet Ball in the sense that the player actually stands within the goal but it is much weirder, more fun and... uses buckets.
For two competing players. At the start of the game each player stands facing the other a few yards apart. Both have placed their feet into plastic buckets, one on each foot. For children playing the game a standard bucket is usually perfect – for adult players you may need to search a garden centre for larger specimens. Players hold in their hands an equal number of small balls. The aim of the game is to throw and get as many balls as possible into either of your opponents buckets whilst avoiding too many in your own. Players are allowed to move about so the game soon develops into tense stand offs, daring bucket-footed attacks and desperately clumsy leg movements to avoid incoming balls landing in a bucket. Any player falling over loses and once all balls have been thrown all you need to do is add up the bucket-balls to determine the winner.
Bucket Ball a game for the 22nd Century.


HanetBall is the game you would get if you crossed a game of basket ball with a trip to your local Mothercare store. The game is currently played in Florida but as its creater calls it “THE game of the 21st century” expect it to make an appearance near you soon.
The game is played with two teams of seven players using a Hanet Ball (basically a basketball) on a rectangular court (similar to the one used in basketball) and the ball must be bounced when running with it (a little like basketball) but, and it's a big but, instead of being fixed to the walls the baskets are suped-up toddler playpens. Large (12 feet diameter) circular playpens with netted sides are placed at both ends of the court and inside them stands the team's goal keeper who tries to repel any ball that the opponents attempt to throw into the net. Games comprise of four quarters and last 70 minutes or until the goalkeeper cries to be let out.

official Hanetball site

Nose Licking...the game

Strange Games is indebted to Sian Mc for sending in details of this bizarre game that she plays with her friends.
A really odd standoff game, what Nose Licking lacks in hygeine it makes up for in genuine weirdness and the hilarity of actually playing it.
For two players, each faces the other and hold the other's shoulders. This hold must be maintained throughout the game. Now, simply, each player attempts to lick the nose of their opponent whilst, obviously, all the time trying to avoid having their own nose licked. Initially when played games tend to have a phase where both players strictly maintain their distance but gradually they come to realise that if they are going to grasp victory then they're going to have to get closer and try and lick that nose.

(If you play any games that are better / more disgusting / funnier than Nose Licking please send them in to Montegue Blister: montegue_blister@hotmail.co.uk)

Hockern / Sport with a German Milking Stool

Is it a sport, art or maybe dance? No, it's Hockern!
Germany's contribution to the world of odd games and sports is truly bizarre. Hockern (German for 'stools') is a little like competitive break dancing...only, break dancing using a milking stool. Competitors stand in front of the Hockern judges and show off their best stool movements (sorry). These will include spinning the stool on the floor, balancing upon it (on knee, stomach or even head), and tossing it into the air and speed sitting on it wherever it lands. One of the favourite moves is a high speed throw over the the shoulders, back through between the legs and squat down onto it.
Another cool trick is to have a friend slide the stool along the floor towards you for you to sit down hard upon it as it reaches you. And it's not just a solo sport. There are synchronised group events too that have to be seen to be believed. The superstars of this new sport are known as Hockstars and regular competitions are held in the nightclubs of Germany including the prestigious Hocktoberfest.
Now is the time to grab your stool and live the dream because Hockern will surely be a demonstration sport, probably sponsored by Ikea, in the next Olympic Games.

official Hockern site (in German)

video of Hockern #1
video of Hockern #2
Addendum: Hockern-meisters Ben Denn and Orc von Rumaenien (crazy names, crazy guys) from hockern.com have been in touch with Strange Games to say that the stools used in Hockern are not actually German milking stools. This is just an urban legend started by a German newspaper - rather the stools used are retro 70's style ones. They also point out that the next Hockern Championships will be held on October 25th in Kiel...clear your diaries for that date.

Finger Jousting: Photo Competition

The king of finger games, Finger Jousting, is having a competition to find "the most epic photograph of finger jousting in the most unique places and situations" Run by the World Finger Jousting Federation, headed by Julian 'Lord of the Joust' Gluck the competition is open to jousters from around the world, just send them a photograph of yourself in an 'insane' joust or in an extreme environment and you could win the coveted prize of a Finger Jousting T Shirt... as well as the utmost respect of your peers. Competition closes on April 31st.
If you are a complete finger fencing novice and new to the world of the 'bobbo lance' and ' majigger' then you can find all you need to start playing at the Finger Jousting website.

finger jousting competition

world finger jousting federation

It's My Balloon Snot Yours!

A disgustingly fun party game for any age group. Each player is given a balloon and a competition begins to see who can blow up theirs in the quickest time. However, there is a catch because players can only use their noses to blow them up. The best technique is to stretch the balloon's neck over both nostrils, breath in through the mouth whilst pinching nose and balloon tight, then exhale hard through the nose. Alternatively you can use the single nostril technique as illustrated. The player that achieves the greatest inflation in a set time is declared the winner and is given a pin. They then can chase all the other players around the room trying to pop their balloon nearest to someone.
A great party game, but maybe not one to play if you are ashmatic or have a heavy cold.