Head Stand Human Skittles

Head Stand Human Skittles is a human skittles variation requiring only some footballs and a modest degree of gymnastic ability to play. HSHS, as it shall be abbreviated, is best played on a beach. The skittles are formed by (ideally) nine players performing headstands on the sand. They should do these close enough together so that if one falls over he has a good chance of knocking over a neighbour or two and ideally they should form the familiar skittles diamond formation. Also the players should perform their headstands so that their backs are facing the two ball players. These two players take it in turns to kick three soft footballs each into the group of skittles. Whoever knocks over the most skittles wins.

I am indebted to Mr Jolley (Strange Games South of England Correspondent) for the description of this wonderful and stupid game.

weird web: London Skittles Club - rules, history, interactive
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Vitamin C High Noon

My last post (Tissue Paper Laserquest) caused one of my old friends (Maurice Tweddle) to e-mail me details of a game he has seen played that bears some similarity. The name we have created for it is Vitamin C High Noon.
For two players: each attaches an effervescent Vitamin C tablet to the middle of his forehead. These are the large, high strength, 1000mg tablets that come in a tube of twenty and dissolve readily in water. They can be easily attached onto the forehead using some strong double sided adhesive tape (I've tried). Each player has a full water pistol.
Now, battle commences. Stand a few yards apart, face each other and prepare to draw your pistol. You aren't allowed to dodge your opponents fire- it's simply the first to dissolve the other's tablet that wins.
What other games can you play that cost virtually nothing and prevent you getting scurvy.

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Tissue Paper Laserquest

I am indebted to my nephew James ' the chicken' McDonald-Blister for information on Tissue Paper Laserquest - a fun, Summer's garden game and a delightful update of cops and robbers.
Team members cut out small 'target' discs of tissue paper which they attach to the front of their clothes using safety pins. Each team member is given a large water pistol, or super-squirter and a container of backup water. Teams then separate to each end of the garden and then battle commences. Any player whose tissue disc becomes fully soaked is 'dead' and drops out of the game. Continue until there is one remaining player/victor.
To see this game in action is marvelous with players adopting various battle styles from all out aggression (rarely a winning strategy) to the lone hitman hiding in the Hydrangeas. Even as I type there still may be one, poor soul at the back of the herbaceous border - who like a WWII Japanese, jungle fighter doesn't realise that the battle is over.

Weird Web: Toy Ray Gun Collection Blog

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Egg Cap

Fleetness of foot and throwing accuracy are what is needed to win at Egg Cap - a playground game that has unfortunately all but died out.
Each player places his flat cap in a line and then everyone stands inside a chalk drawn circle a couple of metres away from the row of caps. One player has a tennis ball which he rolls towards the line of caps. If the ball misses then nothing happens - however if he gets the ball to land in a cap all the players scatter. The person who rolled the ball must now retrieve it as quickly as possible and throw it at any one of the retreating players. The one he hits has a pebble ("egg") placed in his cap and becomes the new ball roller. If the ball roller misses then he himself has a pebble added to his cap and the game continues. Such fun!

Weird Web:Ayup Magazine - Flat Cap Special Feature

strange games no:67...category: playground games