Jam Sandwiches

Another violent playground game from Strange Games contributor Duncan Flann. In his words: Jam Sandwiches is a simple, brutal and totally unnecessary playground game of violent punishment. It is named after the popular tea-time snack and just like the ingredients required to make a Jam Sandwich needs a couple of slices of bread and some jam, although in human form. The slices of bread are formed by the two burly lads and the 'jam' is an unaware victim in the school yard. The slices approach this player from opposite directions of the schoolyard at the same time.

Their aim is to create the perfect jam sandwich by hitting (with their stomach and bodies) the 'filling' at exactly the same time. This results in anger, some pain and often a bewildered wilting to the schoolyard floor by the squished 'jam' and occasionally the 'slices of bread'.

Of course the jam player can, if they are quick witted and agile enough, realise what is about to happen and dive out of the way at the very last moment, resulting in the breads smashing headfirst into one another and being toasted.
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Bang (it may have many other names) is a children's party game that needs lots of concentration, fast reactions and gun play.
Everyone forms a circle with one gun toting player standing alone in the middle. This player spins around, arms extended with an imaginary gun in their hands. Without warning they point this gun at one player in the circle and shout, 'BANG'. On being shot this player rapidly crouches down which means the the two players that are standing on either side of them must raise their own hands in a gun shape and try and shoot (shout BANG) each other first. The player that achieves this first remains in the game, the other player collapses to the floor (dead) and plays no further part in the game. The original player to be targeted also (bizarrely) returns to the game. The player in the centre then begins another round and the game continues until there a winner is found.