Shin Kicking at the Cotswold Olimpicks

The Japanese have Judo. The Chinese have Kung Fu. In Gloustershire they kick shins.
The British Shin Kicking Championships take place in Chipping Campden annually in June as part of the Cotswold Olimpick Games. Dress rules are very simple and elegant: competitors wear long trousers with straw padding attached to their shins underneath (otherwise it would be plain crazy). White shepherds' smocks complete the fighting costume. Each player then holds onto his opponents shoulder's and the kicking begins.
Rules dictate that no kicks are allowed above knee level and whilst kicking each player must try to wrestle his opponent to the ground. This must be achieved whilst in the process of kicking otherwise it is not a valid wrestle down.

The Cotswold games were founded in 1612 by Robert Dover and as well as shin kicking, feature standing jumps, hammer throwing and the excellently titled Spurning the Barre, a form of caber tossing.

strange games no: 125
web: cotswold olympic games - official site

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