Slapsies / Slaps

If Rock, Paper, Scissors is the king of playground hand games then Slapsies is its boorish, dysfuntional, half-brother. I first remember it being played in the 1940's but its popularity fluctuates and presently it is making something of a comeback.
For two people, both hold their hands as if praying but with arms stretched in front and fingertips touching. Each takes it in turn to try and slap the back of one of their opponents hands before they can be withdrawn. If they succeed they get another go. If they miss, their opponent has their turn.
If a player withdraws their hands three times when a slap has not been attempted then their opponent has a free slap (very painful).
Slapsies has an uncultivated relation, namely Knuckles. Here players touch fists and the aim is to strike your opponent on the top of his fist with your knuckles before he can withdraw.

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