Balance Ball Slapsies

Regular readers will know that at Strange Games we love Slapsies. The ultimate, brutal, playground game that has the magical combination of steady nerves, skill and pain. Simply hold your hands together, prayer like, your fingertips touching those of your opponent then try and strike the back of their hand with the palm of your own before they withdraw. Everytime you hit you get another go. The game is perfect and has remained unchanged for decades...but now, there is a new variation. We present Balance Ball Slapsies. Just as violent but in BBS you must kneel and balance on one of those large rubber exercise balls opposite the other player. The first player to fall from their ball or give up because of sore hands loses the game. This brings fantastic new dimensions to the game, you need to temper the speed of your attempted slap with the need to retain balance and stay on your ball, and if your opponent's hands escape you can find yourself in an undignified heap on the floor. Marvellous!

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