Scrumpy Bucket

Strange Games reader, and self styled King of the Scrumpers, Christopher Trigg sent in the Autumnal game of Scrumpy Bucket some time ago and it is only now that I am getting around to write about it. Scrumping is the noble childhood activity of stealing apples from someone elses orchard and the Game of Scrumpy Bucket could be seen as some sort of celebratory game of this activity.
Christopher Trigg writes,"Scrumpy Bucket is played in teams of twos in an orchard at Scrumpy time. One man, the 'bucket-boy' holds a large plastic bucket in each hand then starts spinning around on the spot. His partner stands a couple of yards off, gathers as much fallen fruit from the ground as possible then tries to throw the fruit into the buckets. Obviously, with bucket-boy spinning around, this is no easy matter and much fun is gained by the fruit missing the buckets and striking his team mate instead. The job of the bucket boy is made even harder as the game goes on - he gets dizzier and dizzier and is more than likely to stumble and fall on the apple strewn ground. Get more than one team playing at the same time and set a time limit for the spinning...then simply count the apples in the buckets at the end to determine the winning team."

A humorous description of Scrumping can be found at Scaryduck

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