Human Blongo Ball

My previous post about Blongo Ball / Hillbilly Golf got me thinking about whether an even better game could be developed along similar lines. Although Blongo Ball is odd, requires skill and is obviously fun it lacks a certain 'je ne sais quoi' that makes a truly great strange game.
Strange Games is proud to present....Human Blongo Ball. To play you are going to have to make your own bolas. Because of the nature of the game these have to be on a larger scale than the ones used in the standard game. After some experimentation I have developed the perfect bolas. Get an old pair of ladies tights, place a power ball (supa-ball) down each leg and make knots so that the balls stay in the toe area of the tights. Now knot the tights so that the length of material between the two power balls is about 30 inches long. What you end up with is a large hosiery bolas with a power ball encased at each end. Make as many of these as you can.
Now the game....For two players, one has the bolas, the other stands a set distance away with their arms held horizontally out to the side of their body and their feet shoulder-width or more apart. The throwing player now throws his 'weapons' with the aim being to get them to wrap around the other player's arms and legs. 1 point for an arm, 2 for a leg. With a little practice it is possible to get quite skilled and as well as the fun of the game there is joy of watching the expression of the 'target''s as close you will get to the feeling of being a knife thrower's assistant without the danger of being stabbed.
Simple and ever so slightly stupid. You might wish to wear some sort of head protection before playing the game.


Daryl Hrdlicka said...

Okay, that one sounds like WAY too much fun!

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