Semi Shadow Puppetry

Strange Games welcomes contributions. If you have a weird game you play or have invented something unusual then we would love to hear about it..even if its just slightly odd.
Regular contributor Daryl Hrdlicka (inventor of Hat Ball) e-mailed us about Semi Shadow Puppetry..a very peculiar activity. Strange Games in NO WAY encourages you to go out and actually play this game, we are just reporting what might happen if you are driving late at night on a motorway, are passing a large lorry and have a torch to hand.
Daryl writes:"
Semi Shadow Puppetry is an odd game that a friend and I invented. It's played at night on a multi-lane highway. We were out driving one night and pulled up next to a semi truck (articulated lorry) with a white-sided trailer. We were pretty goofy by then, so while my friend kept the speed steady next to the truck, I got out a flashlight and started making shadow puppets on the side. At times he held the flashlight so I could use both hands. This worked until the trucked pulled off, at which time we started looking around for another one to use. Found one, matched speeds, and kept playing."

Daryl doesn't say but I guess that points should be awarded for complexity of shadow created and time that it remains in view.

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