Duncan Flann's Groin Ball

Regular Strange Games reader Duncan Flann has been in touch following my recent post on Spike Ball. He uses a small trampette and a tennis ball to play a similar-ish game, but one that involves pain... he calls it Groin Ball.
Duncan writes, "Hello Monty...I've just got to tell you about my game Groin Ball. It's for two players. Each stands opposite each other close to a small round trampette. Players take it in turns to throw a tennis ball into the tramp with the aim being for the ball to hit the opponent in the groin. The tramp gives the ball a lot more velocity than simply bouncing it off the floor and it makes for a truly exciting (and excruciating) game. Players are NOT allowed to move to get out of the way, they have to stand there like men...they can however use their hands to defend themselves being hit above the belt. Players take alternate turns with the winner being the first player who throws a groin ball. Also, NO groin protection is allowed...that would be for wimps!'
Strange Games is aware of two other similar games also called Groin Ball and will be featuring both in the coming months!
If you play a game that is strange and involves possible testicular damage then we would like to hear about it. Contact Monty at montegue_blister@hotmail.co.uk

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