Blow Up Doll White Water Rafting

If you are a man and have ever wanted to take up a new sport that is dangerous, involves water and improves your chances of meeting women then you would probably head for the beach and try your hand at surfing... but if you live in Russia there is an alternative, Blow Up Doll White Water Rafting.
This marvellous sport doesn't really need a description as the name says it all. Buy a blow up doll, find a fast moving river, and then alongside a group of like minded men jump into the water with your doll and race to the finishing line. The video shows this marvellous event in its full glory. What isn't clear though is if there are some positions which are better than others
Strange Games is indebted to reader Andrew Mortimer for highlighting this sport

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AnaVar said...

At least they learn and train how to rescue a drowning person! ;)