UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships 2010

Strange Games reader and mini-golf guru Richard Gottfried  highlights the running of the UK RPS Championships.  It is to be held at the Durrell Arms in Fulham this Saturday 13th.  It's only £5 to enter which would be money well spent if you end up being the UK champion in what is essentially a random sport....or is it? 
If you want to brush up on your RPS skills you could do worse than visit the World RPS Society here they detail essential strategies for victory including the 'possible':
"Rock is for Rookies because males have a tendency to lead with Rock on their opening throw. It has a lot to do with idea that Rock is perceived as strong and forceful" 
The 'surely that's cheating':
"Tell your opponent what you are going to throw and then actually throw what you said"  and the desperate:"When All Else Fails Go With Paper"

Here at Strange Games we are slightly disappointed that they are not having categories for two of our favourite variations:

Extreme Rock Paper Scissors - If you win with paper you slap your opponent, if you win with scissors you poke them and if you win with a rock you punch them. 
RPS 101 - the ultimate in hand game complexity.  A total of 101 different hand combinations need to be learned to play. An example hand position is 'baby'. This move will spill 'beer',  ruin 'guitar'  but unfortunately be unaware of 'satan'.  Visit the official 101 RPS site to play the most terrifyingly complex game ever.


Richard Gottfried said...

I'm looking forward to the UK RPS Championships. Hopefully I don't get drawn against my second biggest rival "Lady Emily of Suffolk"!

Richard Gottfried said...

That 101 RPS is crazy! I wonder how many people have played it more than once! Imagine that at tournament level!!!

Richard Gottfried said...

We played in the Wacky Nation 2010 UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships on Saturday - it was brilliant fun. Can't wait for the 2011 event!

A report, photos and videos are up on the Ham & Egger Files at - UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships