The Chap Olympiad - 2011

It is time once again for the tweed based jewel in the world of strange sports - The Chap Olympiad.  The Olympiad, 'a celebration of sporting ineptitude and immaculate trouser creases'  is being held this Saturday 16th July in Bedford Square, London.  Its Past events have included Cucumber Sandwich Discus alongside the regular game of Umbrella Jousting, where chaps, and chapettes, mount bicycles and using their rolled up umbrellas against each other  protected only by a copy of the Times held as a shield.
Even more exciting, this year's event contains 7 new disciplines including Butler Baiting and Shouting at Foreigners and possibly the greatest strange sporting event ever.... Competitive Swooning,  one for the ladies.
Don't miss it.

Pip pip!


ps If you want to know whether you are a Chap or not you need to read the Chap magazine

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