Indian Leg Wrestling

American Indian Wrestling is based upon pitting different parts of the body against your opponent’s one part at a time.  There are many different forms such as back wrestling (standing back to back and trying to push each other a set distance), one legged wrestling (standing on one leg and trying to push your opponent over), thumb wrestling and of course Leg Wrestling

In Leg Wrestling two players lie flat on their backs side by side.  They should be next to each other and touching but pointing in different directions – so the feet of one player are next to the head of the other and the players hips are touching. They then raise their adjacent legs straight up simultaneously three times.  On the third raise players should hook ankles and try and pull their opponent over.  No other part of the body is used and the non playing leg should remain flat on the floor and not be used for leverage.  Games usually last a much shorter time than Arm Wrestling and successful play depends not just on muscular strength but on stealth and speed.

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