Seance Pass It On

Last week's Stupid Ninja Game reminded me of a similar game which can be played by a group of people standing in a circle.  This time the group stands around a table and each person places their hands palm down on the surface. But, everyone's arms are your left forearm is over the person on your left's forearm and your right forearm is underneath that of the person standing on your right.  Now the game begins with one player slapping their hand on the table once.  This action ( a single slap) means the next hand (going clockwise) must also be slapped on the table. However, if someone slaps their hand twice then the direction is reversed.  If someone slaps their hand three times then the direction of flow is maintained but a hand is skipped over.  The object of the game is not necessarily to eliminate competitors that are slow or who make mistakes but to try and get the pulse of slaps, reversals and jumps going as quickly as possible.

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