Squirrels in Trees

The leaves on the trees are changing colour, the nights are drawing in and you need a game for your party. Look no further than Squirrels in Trees - the perfect autumnal game. One player is the Squirrel (cocky and skittish) another is the Gamekeeper (unflustered and brutal). The other partygoers make 'trees' by standing still, facing each other, in pairs. The pairs of players (trees) should be scattered randomly around the room. The chase begins with the Gamekeeper trying to catch the Squirrel. The Squirrel can hide by entering a 'tree' and as he does so he should turn to face one player of the 'tree'. This player then becomes the squirrel and chasing continues. Plenty of changes of squirrels makes the game play better. If the Gamekeeper bags a squirrel then places are changed.

weird web: scary squirrel world...nuts
Strange Games no:71..category: :party games

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