Top 5 Tag Variations

There are many variations of tag but below are the top 5 determined by a scientific survey of the nations top tag players (stand up Bertie Blister)

1. Bent Knees Tag
The title says it all. Everyones movements, both tagger and tagee must be made with the knees in a fully bent position. You are only allowed to stand straight if remaining still and not being chased. A very strenuous variation

2. Bunny Hop Tag
All players must move in the style of a rabbit - jumping with both feet together. A more extreme version has players ankles tied together.

3. Walking Tag
A rarely played variation that is my own personal favourite. Absolutely no running from any player. Hilarious to watch, great for senior tag players

4. French Tag

The tagger attempts to tag an awkward part of the tagee's body (ankle, foot, etc). This player must now hold onto this part of the body till he tags someone else.

5. Pairs Tag

A perennial favourite. Two players hold hands and try to tag. Success means there are three players holding hands trying to tag. The next tag means that the 'three' splits into two pairs. And so on, till only one player is left - the victor

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Vina John said...

this is good resource,

Anonymous said...

Excellent - have you heard of Toilet Tag. Our kids play it all the time. I can send you details if you want


Bertie Windcheater