Strange Games with Fire #2: Knee Balance Burn

You can't beat a party game with a lit candle for the wonderful feeling that you may be sued at any moment by a litigious parent. And all because little Tommy suffered minor burns. Strange Games with fire number 1: Snapdragons reminds me of the wonderfully strange game: Knee Balance Burn.
For two players at a time. Each faces the other, then both players go into a single knee balance. (Balancing on one knee is a great skill to learn that is bound to come in useful in later life) One player holds a lighted candle, the other holds an unlighted one. Their aim is to touch candles and get the unlighted candle burning before their raised knees touch the floor. If they fail then it is someone else's turn. The team that performs the task fastest without burns wins.

Strange Games no:101
weird web:celebrity dreams

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