Strange Games with Bubblewrap #2 - Grasshopper

As an addition to Strange Games with Bubblewrap #1 my good friend Maurice Tweddle tells me of a game he still plays based on the 1970's TV show Kung Fu.
Simply get a long roll of bubble wrap and lay a path out on top of a solid floor. Players take it in turns to walk barefooted along the length of bubblewrap - just like Kwai Chang Caine did on rice paper in Kung Fu. Any player who is heard to pop a bubble is out until it's his turn again. To add to the game a candle can be placed at the end of the path for the kung fu master to place his hand in the flame and yet feel no pain.
A non-player can commentate on proceedings using the words of the masterly Masters Po and Kahn:-

What must we say of a mirror that receives tranquillity, yet reflects a troubled brow

Discipline your body Grasshopper, that your mind may find a greater power.

weird web:the kung fu guide
strange games no: 102

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Bhalla said...

thanks for the link, blister. i've done my part too! :)