Association Bobbage (International King of Sports)

In the unlikely event that you switched on to Channel 5 (UK) at Sunday teatime in 2002 you would have been transfixed by a television programme called International King of Sports. This superb programme, (the Superstars for the 21st century) alongside the game Walking Trippy, is one of the main inspirations for this blog.
International King of Sports contained the sorts of sports that you may have made up or fantasised playing as a child; games like backwards running races, underwater shot put and longest skids. King of Sports featured real sportsmen performing the stupidest sports. If you get chance to watch it (usually open mouthed) look out for one of its greatest games- Association Bobbage.

Association Bobbage is delightfully simple to play. Strap on your best diving flippers and your speedos and jump vertically into a swimming pool. However, your face must remain dry. You must jump into the swimming pool and try to ensure that no part of your body above your neck touches (or goes under) the water. From the pool edge, and wearing flippers, this is relatively easy - but players must jump from successively higher platforms. A wet face means elimination until an Association Bobbage winner is found.
On the show the highest bobbage was by Hungarian footballer Laszlo Fazekas - from an incredible height of 2.4m. Watching him jump it is hard not to believe that he is made of balsa wood.

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