Extreme Swing Ball

Extreme Swing Ball is the name for a superb combat-type game sent into Strange Games by regular reader Duncan Flann. It is like some sort of bizarre blend of conkers, swingball and sword fencing.
Mr Flann writes: "Me and my friend Steve Brand invented Extreme Swing Ball a few years ago and we play quite regularly. It's simple and quite addictive to play and can be unpleasantly painful when you lose. It works best with two players. Each has the string and ball part of a swingball set (basically a tennis ball connected to a one and half meter piece of cord). At the start of the game each player sets his ball swinging in a circle. They can have it swinging at any height, in any plane(horizontally or vertically) and at any speed they like, but it must be swinging around for the duration of the game. The players now approach each other and try and get their ball to hit their opponent while avoiding being hit themselves. Points are scored for striking different parts of the body: 1 for an arm or leg, 5 for the torso and 10 for a head shot. Once a strike is made play stops, players move apart and set their balls swinging once again for the next round. Also, a little like the game of conkers, if 'tangles' (each players strings become tangled) occurs then players move apart and start afresh. If one of the players is found to regularly cause 'tangles' then the other can request a free strike! Play tends to shift between tense standoffs, wild rapid swinging as a defensive measure and desperate lunges forwards. Often the player that performs best is not the quickest swinger or the most violent but rather the one who has the most manoeuvrability. To see a master ESB player duck down, as their opponent's ball whizzes overhead, and get in a strike to the knees is a joy to behold"

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Anonymous said...

excellent! gonna try this one

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