Get on the F***ing Floor

Does watching violence on television and in films create a more violent society? You could debate this all night...but far better to play Get on the F***ing Floor instead. This is another marvellous game sent in by Strange Games reader Katie Jacobsen.
Kate writes: "All you need to play is a toy gun. Choose one player to exit the room with the gun. The remaining players establish conversation. They can talk about anything except the game itself. The player chosen to exit the room should stand just outside the door, so (s)he can hear the other players' conversation. After a few moments, or however long it takes for the players in the room to establish a natural conversational pattern that is distracted from the game, the outside player bursts in as aggressively and suddenly as possible, brandishing the gun and screaming in a menacing voice, "GET ON THE F***ING FLOOR!!" The amount of surprise and fear (some may say authenticity) of the holdup is ranked, and the process is repeated until each of the players has had a chance to play the armed intruder."

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