Ear Tug of War

Strange Games recently received an e-mail from a reader calling herself Kimberley Clarke - in it she describes a marvellous game that needs just a couple of people and a rubber band. The game is called Ear Tug of War.
Kimberley writes, "Ear Tug of War is extremely simple to play as well as nerve wracking and often painful. For two players. Each stands facing the other as close as possible then a large rubber band is placed over one ear of each player (obviously if the two are facing then the band will be over one person's left ear and the other person's right ear). The players need to stand so that the band is taut at the beginning of the game and once the band is in position the game begins.
The objective is for one player to move their heads so that the band slips from their opponents ears OR causes it to break. No use of the hands is allowed and no contact is allowed- victory must be achieved through head and body motion only."

"Obviously the enjoyment/pain in the game comes from seeing how far you dare move from the other person, trying to get the band off, avoiding it flicking into you or cutting too much into your ear. Often, if a nice strong band is used, both players pull back hard only for the elasticity to cause their heads to hurtle back towards one another."

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rich said...

omg/wtf this game sounds genius and i must play it soon at parties after drinking copious amounts of bailey's irish cream