Human Battleships

Apologies to regular Strange Games readers (Hello, Daryl!) for the lack of recent posts. This was due to an almost fatal combination of a failed hard drive, the credit crunch and a bout of swine flu. We get back on track with a superb summertime game called Human Battleships.
To play all you need is a beach wind-break and copious amounts of water bombs. Split the players into two even teams - the best numbers for a good game depends upon the length of your wind-break. Each team picks one side of the windbreak to position their team members. Players can decide to sit anywhere as long as they are not visible to their opponents (it is important to use a wind-break made from opaque material) Once seated they can not move about but must remain in position. Each member also has a supply of water bombs (either shop bought or home made). Play alternates with one player tossing his bomb over the wind-break with the aim of hitting an opponent on the head - if this occurs then that side gets another throw. If they miss then the next throw reverts to the other side. No dodging is allowed. When the bombs have all been used the team with the most wet heads lose.

Also worth mentioning is its time for the second annual Newport Pagnell Pub Bounce. This coming Saturday (6th June) ...all you need is your own space hopper and money for drinks. The combination of drinking then bouncing to the next pub will undoubtably bring as much fun and casualities as last years event. Interested....see their Facebook group here for details.

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