Cucumber Sandwich Discus @ the Chap Olympiad

This last weekend saw the 5th Annual Chap Olympiad. The Chap magazine, a journal for the modern gentleman, has been publishing sartorial advice and articles on pipe smoking, tweed, and indeed everything else a chap needs to know, for ten years now but it is their marvellous sporting events that appeal to the lover of Strange Games. The event features Hair Tug of War, Bicycle Jousting (covered in Strange Games here) and Cucumber Sandwich Discus. The game hardly needs a description - simply make a Cucumber Sandwich (the snack of choice for all discerning lords, ladies and gentlemen), spin 'round and around then hurl it as far as possible.
The video below show the 2008 event.

A superb set of Guardian photographs of 2010's event can be seen here.

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Mira said...

Throw a cucumber sandwich?! The horror!!!

Cucumber sandwiches are awesome. I'd be there trying to catch them in my mouth. ^_^

Wow... out of context, that last line sounds so very, very wrong.