2010 Sherston Mangold Hurl - 3rd October

Strange Games reader Irene Johnston has emailed to remind me that this year's Mangold Hurling event is rapidly approaching. Mangold Hurling is possibly the greatest of the vegetable throwing events, superior even to frozen pea throwing.
Mangold /Mangelwurzel Throwing:A traditional Somerset game that requires skill, strength and cunning. Mangold Hurling has a well developed set of rules. Players take it in turns to stand in a pitching basket and hurl a Mangold / Mangelwurzel at a Norman (A Norman being a pre-placed fixed position Mangold) The player that gets his Mangold the closest is declared the winner... it's what you get if you mix boules and strong cider. Mangold Hurling is usually performed during October each year.
Last year's event:

Here is Irene's email with all the details you need - the mass Agincourt event sounds particularly appealing:
One of the West Country's most bizarre events! The Ancient Order of Sherston Mangold Hurlers will hold its annual Hurl on Sunday 3rd October. Jimmy Doherty ('Jimmy's Farm') led his Root Vegetable Acrobatic Display Team to a convincing victory in the 2009 Hurl.

Play starts at 12 noon with an entry charge of £5 per team of three. There will also be a mass Agincourt hurl at approximately 12.37pm. Action takes place at Sherston Village Hall and field (SN16 0LH) with additional entertainment provided by live music, dancing, stalls, bar, BBQ and teas.Free entry and car parking for visitors.

Expect a great deal of extra, unscripted merriment. Those wishing to enter a team should contact the Keeper of the Challenges Mr Paul Ormiston on 01666 840694 Singles competition entry is £1 on the day and there will be a free Children's Hurl.

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