World Crazy Air Squash Championships

Here at Strange Games we enjoy hearing about unique and unusual sporting competitions and try to feature them as news items. Richard Gottfried (the man behind the greatest mini-golf blog Ham and Egger )  has brought this marvellous event to my attention.  Unfortunately it has just taken place but hopefully this little piece of publicity will swell numbers for next years event.
Richard writes, "This Undisputed International Worlds Crazy Air Squash Championships took place at 'The Buttons' on Saturday 18th September 2010, with six contenders hoping to be crowned the Global Champion of Crazy Air Squash and take with them the prized silver salver!"  The arcade game is basically Air Hockey but with both players shooting from the same side and bouncing the puck off the far wall. The current World Champion is Scott Lancley UK(seen on the left of the accompanying photograph) 
Although highly skilled at mini golf Mr Gottfried could only manage a desultory 6th/last place.  
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Anonymous said...

Hi there
I'm actually on the left of the picture. Very proud of my title, the next installment of this competion will take place at the end of October..
All the best
Scott (WCAS) Champion

Montegue Blister said...

I've corrected the typo.

Good luck in the October event and keep me informed of your progress,

chin chin!