World Series of Pong Festival

Andrew Essa, or King Pong to his friends, has written to Strange Games to highlight the marvelous festival of Ping Pong that is currently taking place in London.  The World Series of Pong Festival consists of 64 weekly ping pong nights as part of a 100 day festival - starting on September 20th and going all the way to the final on December the 4th.  It is a fun, two player team event - although there is a prize of £5,000 for the eventual winners.
Andrew writes, "
Not a strange game per se but a little different, playing ping pong in bars whilst getting p*ssed and and having dance-off's on top of the tables?"

World Serıes of Pong The newest, coolest way to party, socialise, celebrate, network,
have fun, compete, and unleash your inner Balls Of Fury

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Richard Gottfried said...

I've entered a team into this. Imagine being a Ping Pong World Championship winning duo :-)