Temper Tantrum - competition

Temper Tantrum is a game I hadn't heard of till it featured on the ITV2 series Minute to Win It.
Simply get a couple of basic plastic pedometers and attach one to each of your feet or ankles.  A velcro strap is ideal or you can sometimes get away with a couple of strong rubber bands. Set the pedometers to zero, then get down on the floor on your back and get ready to play.  
You have a minute to  frantically kick both your legs up and down as fast as possible - simulating an angst ridden toddler.  If at any time one of your feet touches the ground you are disqualified.  Once the minute is up it's time to check both pedometers and average the scores.  
I've just been having a go and managed an average score of 173 and noticeably tighter abdominals. As a Strange Games challenge the first reader who can beat my score, and prove it with a You Tube video will get a signed copy of my book Strange Games

Minute To Win It is an eight-part series on ITV2, presented by Cadbury Spots v Stripes, which sees contestants compete in hilarious and bonkers 60-second challenges using everyday household objects. To find out more and play Minute To Win It games, visit the Spots v Stripes website here www.spotsvstripes.com

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