Counting Out Rhymes: No 1

Like you, probably, I love listening to counting out rhymes. The audacious use of cadence, rhyme and onomatopoeia. Obviously 'Eeny Meeny' is both tame and demode. But, here is a modern one I have collected that I quite like. It's use, like most counting rhymes is to designate the person who is eliminated from being 'it'. Continue chanting until only one is left: "It". If only adult choices could be made in an analogous way.

Ip : dip : doo : dah : cat : got : the : flu : dah
dog : got : the : chicken : pox
out : goes : you

Quite acceptable, but see how it suffers compared to one from my own childhood.

Eena : deena : dine-a : dust
Cat'll-a : weena : wine-a : wust
Spin : spon : must : be : done
twiddlum : twadlum : twenty-one
O : U : T : spells : out

strange games no: 2 ...category : chants

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