Surface Dives

I first played surface dives at Basil deMontegue's party in Mayfair last summer. It's a game of never-ending delight and always elicits jollity.
Place an open magazine (the Tatler works well) upright on the floor. Competitors then take turns to balance on one leg and pick the magazine up using only their teeth. No other limb must touch the floor or the magazine.
For the more macho party members, especially those full of braggadocio, try the game using a telephone directory.

Addendum (22/8/06) My brother Eustace reminds me of the Surface Dives variation he played in his youth. Instead of a magazine an empty cereal box is used. Players take turns to 'dive' and if they fail they drop out of the game. If successful then a strip is torn off the box and discarded. The game continues (the box becoming smaller and smaller) with the last person to successfully dive being declared the winner.

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