Hands on knees

This game is utterly foolish but can lead to shouts of laughter. Youngsters especially love it. Everyone sits in a circle on chairs, their hands palm down on their knees. The competitor in the middle of the circle must try to slap one of the hands of the sitters. If he attempts a strike they can quickly remove their hands to the side thereby avoiding the slap on the back of the hand. But, they must return their hands to their knees once the danger has passed. The competitor changes places with the 'slapped' once succesful. The pleasure in this game is not knowing where the 'slapper' will strike next. Guaranteed squeals of delight.
Play at adult parties - but try using some sort of stick as a beating device

strange games no: 5 ... category: childrens parties

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the hustler said...

crazy game - i've got to try it