Charlie Chaplin Relay

My dearest friend Ethel 'ovenready' Bird has told me of a game that she used to play as a child. The game, she said, always had the players collapsing in undignified heaps of laughter... times were much simpler then. The game is Charlie Chaplin Relay and it's top drawer.
Teams are given a balloon, a bean-bag and a walking stick. A player from each team holds the balloon between their knees, balances the bean-bag on their heads and must complete a predetermined course whilst twirling the walking stick round and round in the manner of Charlie Chaplin. Each player then transfers bean-bag, balloon and stick to the next in the team. First team to complete the course intact wins.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Golfer,

I'm sure i have played that before somewhere. Have you played the game with a cardboard box, typically a cereal box. Players must pick the box off the floor using their teeth, only your feet may touch the floor (no knees/hands etc). If succesful a small strip is torn off around the top of the box and it is passed on to the next player. Obviously if you can't pick it up you may retire to the drawing room. After a number of rounds you are left with a very small box and only a few players, last one able to complete the task is the winner.

Did you receive my postcard from our beloved Channel isles, it probably took a few days to reach England on the steamer.


montegue_blister said...

Thank you for your kindly interest Eustace - I think you are referring to the Surface Dives game detailed earlier in the blog....but yes, what you describe sounds like a very interesting variation indeed. I shall modify my description to incorporate your idea.

chin chin !