Three Legged French Blindman's Buff

A verbose name for a simple game. Three Legged French Blindman's Buff is the perfect party game for children that don't mind the odd bruise or a mild case of concussion and have non-litigious parents.
Simply tie one person's hands together behind their back (the "French Blindman"). The remaining players are paired up and have their adjacent legs bound together (as in a three legged race). The French Blindman now has to try to tag one of the other players and because his hands are bound behind him this necessarily involves plenty of backwards running, spins and twists. Couple his awkward chasing motions with the chaotic scrambling from the three legged men and you have carnage.

Weird Web: Jake the Pake - the original 3 legged man

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Dolly Brereton (Miss) said...

That sounds like a fantastic game - Nice one Montegue!