If you have ever had the sort of day where every person you have met is slow-witted and maladroit but still feel like playing a game then Dorka * is the game for you. Dorka is one of the most directionless, simple-minded and nugatory games going.
Out of all the players a group of 4 or 5 is chosen to be the 'team'. One of these is chosen to be the 'Dorka' and is given a minute to look at each team members' shoes - the idea being to memorise which shoes belong to which person. The 'Dorka' then has a large upturned bucket placed on his head. This acts (as in the game Bucketheads) as both a disorientating device and a partial blindfold. He will only be able to see a small area of the floor close to himself. The 'Dorka' is then taken to the centre of the room and spun around numerous times until quite dizzy. All other players (both 'team' members and non- team members) scatter randomly around the room and then remain fixed in position. The aim of the game is for the 'Dorka' to find and name all of his 4 team members as quickly as possible using only his limited available vision then a f resh dorka is chosen.
For utter chaos and fun you can try having two teams playing at the same time.

* I believe the origin of the name of this game comes from the Nimadi language and loosely translated Dorka means a person of limited intelligent.

Weird Web:Amazing use of a bucket on head to simulate white out conditions

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I'll play it with my dauther tommorow!