Egg Cap

Fleetness of foot and throwing accuracy are what is needed to win at Egg Cap - a playground game that has unfortunately all but died out.
Each player places his flat cap in a line and then everyone stands inside a chalk drawn circle a couple of metres away from the row of caps. One player has a tennis ball which he rolls towards the line of caps. If the ball misses then nothing happens - however if he gets the ball to land in a cap all the players scatter. The person who rolled the ball must now retrieve it as quickly as possible and throw it at any one of the retreating players. The one he hits has a pebble ("egg") placed in his cap and becomes the new ball roller. If the ball roller misses then he himself has a pebble added to his cap and the game continues. Such fun!

Weird Web:Ayup Magazine - Flat Cap Special Feature

strange games no:67...category: playground games

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