Tissue Paper Laserquest

I am indebted to my nephew James ' the chicken' McDonald-Blister for information on Tissue Paper Laserquest - a fun, Summer's garden game and a delightful update of cops and robbers.
Team members cut out small 'target' discs of tissue paper which they attach to the front of their clothes using safety pins. Each team member is given a large water pistol, or super-squirter and a container of backup water. Teams then separate to each end of the garden and then battle commences. Any player whose tissue disc becomes fully soaked is 'dead' and drops out of the game. Continue until there is one remaining player/victor.
To see this game in action is marvelous with players adopting various battle styles from all out aggression (rarely a winning strategy) to the lone hitman hiding in the Hydrangeas. Even as I type there still may be one, poor soul at the back of the herbaceous border - who like a WWII Japanese, jungle fighter doesn't realise that the battle is over.

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