Vitamin C High Noon

My last post (Tissue Paper Laserquest) caused one of my old friends (Maurice Tweddle) to e-mail me details of a game he has seen played that bears some similarity. The name we have created for it is Vitamin C High Noon.
For two players: each attaches an effervescent Vitamin C tablet to the middle of his forehead. These are the large, high strength, 1000mg tablets that come in a tube of twenty and dissolve readily in water. They can be easily attached onto the forehead using some strong double sided adhesive tape (I've tried). Each player has a full water pistol.
Now, battle commences. Stand a few yards apart, face each other and prepare to draw your pistol. You aren't allowed to dodge your opponents fire- it's simply the first to dissolve the other's tablet that wins.
What other games can you play that cost virtually nothing and prevent you getting scurvy.

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Heinrich Guntergarten said...

Hello, I have actually played this game and it was lots of fun. We also played a 3 way shoot out. A kind of Good , Bad and the Ugly...only with more effervescence


Heinrich G