Big Brother #2

There is only one Pass the Parcel, one Musical Chairs and one Walking Trippy...but there are two strange games called Big Brother! Both are marvellously violent games. I am indebted to Pat More (Turkish Strange Game Correspondent) for the following description.

Two people are blindfolded, furnished with rolled up newspapers (lengthwise), spun around 4- 5 times and then placed in the middle of the floor on hands and knees. One contestant asks "Are you there Brother". The other contestant replies "yes" in a whisper or shout and the object of the game is for the first contestant to then lash out with the rolled up newspaper hoping to hit the replying contestant. If the hit lands then they have another go. If they miss then the replying contestant has a go until he then misses. The replying contestant can try to confuse the asking contestant by whispering in one place and then sneakily crawling somewhere else. The observers kept quiet unless the contestants are heading for the best china or the french doors! A great game but can result in minor bruises and broken friendships.
If playing outside, contestants can stand.

strange games no:96


Gentleman-hobbs said...

Still prefer indoor cricket.

Rod... said...

... Hi... just dropped by to let you know there is a bit of Derek Bailey waiting for you...