Another brilliant blindfolded game that has strangely fallen out of fashion. Pair up the partygoers ( 3 or 4 pairs are a good number to play with but you can experiment). One person in each pair is taken out of the room and blindfolded. Their partner is then given a common, short phrase or word, we always used "kittiwake", "rag 'n' bone", "boiled onions", and told to pick a spot somewhere near the walls of the room.
The blindfolded partners are then brought back into the centre of the room and released. They have to find their partners as quickly as possible. The partners can call out their chosen phrase, but ONLY 3 times, to guide them.
The game would work well with updated phrases such as "like whatever" , "minger" etc

Weird Web:Attack of the killer seagulls - what happens when nature goes mad!
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