Finger Jousting / Finger Fencing

After my last post on Rock Paper Scissors I received a missive from one Julian Gluck (aka. The Lord of the Joust) drawing my attention to this fantastic game. Finger Jousting (or Finger Fencing) is a possibly ancient game combining jousting and sword fighting yet requiring neither horse nor blade.
In its simplest form two players stand facing each other and clasp their right hands together as if about to arm wrestle. Then on a given command each player extends his index finger (his "lance") and battle commences. The objective is to jab your opponent before he jabs you. At no point may the players' hands lose contact with each other. This is often a lot less straightforward than you might initially think with feints, sideways moves and full body twists all yielding results. Either first to score wins or apportion different points to different body areas.

The wonderful website describes the rules in much more detail and present a superb glossary of finger fighting terms such as:

Bobbo Lance - A straight jousting move wherein a player cocks his right elbow back towards his chest pulling his/her opponent closer.
Gesture of Good Disposition - A physical motion executed before and after every match as a sign of gratitude toward the opponent. Approved tournament gestures are handshakes, bows, head nods, and man hugs.
Maybe now is the time to find a partner and try and give each other the finger.
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Richard Gottfried said...

Finger Jousting is a wonderful and noble sport, and great fun too.

A lot of arm strength is needed too - more so if you're a 'lefty'!

I look forward to further Finger Jousting encounters as the sport grows in the UK!