Lionhunt / Wildebeest

If you want a blindfolded game for your party and find Blindman's Buff too obvious then the variant Lionhunt is a perfect recommendation. I am indebted to Sheetswa Shawasha(Strange Games' South African Correspondent) for his description of this marvellous game.
Decide on the number of 'Lions' that will work best for the size of room you are playing in. Blindfold this player/players. All other participants will be the Wildebeest. To be so they must form a pack by making sure each is in contact with at least one other 'Wildebeest'. This can be achieved by holding hands or by grabbing a neighbours shirt, etc. Upon a command the blindfolded lions are released - it is their role to 'bring down' a wildebeest by touching it. Anyone caught is out and the game continues until one player remains. Any straggling player that loses contact with the pack is also out of the game.
Thank you Sheetswa

strange games no:113
web: hunt/kill exotic animals in Texas -from Afghan Urial to Zebras!

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